Sven co op character models

Well, luckily the model I got I made myself, I'm just.. a bit of a noob at sticking a model into a source game, most I've done before was some basic texture swap on premade models in gmod Some one elsewhere mentioned decompliing a character model from sven to get the specific bones.. but there seems to be quite a few of those to choose from

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Sven Co-op Argentina [SCXPM+Mapas Nuevos] by COVID-19 5/32 wrongworld 23. [EU] Hardcore Survival (+Anti-Rush) #1 | difficulty: 100.0% 26/32 hl_c06 26. REMilia's SC Server [Chatsound|XP|Weapon] | DIFFICULTY: 86.0% 18/24 hl_c06 33. Tucumanos 24/7 [Arma nueva: MP7 [Half-Life 2]] 2/32 last4 37. Half-Life 5/32 …